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Affordable paperback & hardback solutions

Bienvenue à La Belle Au Bois Dormant 

We specialise in helping career professional and organisations publish physical books within their industry. These books act like front end lead generators “the ultimate business calling card”, helping you to have more credibility, stand out from the crowd and crush the competition. Our aim is to help you increase sales revenues and customer retention by positioning you as a published authority within your industry.

That said we also specialise in providing publishing service for fiction authors or individuals who what to publish single items for their family! Purchase our service as a bespoke package or as individual items. We pride ourselves on offering a personal service to all customers wherever in the world they are.

Package 1: Print book and Ebook Formatting and Submission from £450

Advanced formatting, conversion and submission as both ebook (mobi or epub) and print book (e.g. fixed page layouts such as picture heavy books) £450

General turnaround time for formatting, conversion and submission is 1-2 weeks depending on workload. Once a quote is agreed you will be provided with a precise time scale and schedule.

Once the book has been converted you might realised you want to change a specific sentence or even the structure (it happens!) therefore one revision is included in all the formatting and submission prices, to be used within the first 6 months after delivery.

Package 2: Formatting – Proofreading – Submission from £745

Our STANDARD SERVICE is for authors who have a fully proof-read manuscript with cover artwork (or require us to make a simple cover design). We offer you a full UK, USA and Internet bookshop distribution package including, an ISBN, an initial copy, statutory copies sent to the British Library and Copyright Libraries Agency, and full website presence with an e-book edition.

  • Full text typesetting and formatting of your manuscript, ready for print to Amazon Createspace.
  • Standard book cover design: You will be asked to provide the names or images of 3 books who’s cover you like
  • Hi-Resolution typesetting of your text & cover -Your book cover front, spine, back, and inside text, will be typeset in high resolution ready for print.
  • A PDF proof copy of your book e-mailed to you prior to final printing – Once we have finished typesetting your book, we will e-mail you a proof of it for approval prior to submitting for publishing.
  • 5 x complimentary printed copies of your new book – Upon receipt of your approval, your book will be sent to press and 5 books will be with you within 2-3 weeks.
  • An ISBN number – International Standard Book Number – Your book will have its own ISBN number assigned – this will enable you to sell it via any bookstore or internet site.
  • Internet distribution via Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com for one full year – We will register it on Amazon and set up your account, so that it will be available for you or anyone to purchase via this site.
  • Statutory Library copies http://www.legaldeposit.org.uk/
  • Press Release

The above price is based on a 50 page manuscript, with up to 15 pictures. For a more extensive manuscript please ask for a bespoke quote.

Wholesale distribution via Creatspace and Nielsons throughout the UK.

Your book will be available from these companies for maximum UK distribution coverage.

Placed on legal deposit with UK National Libraries –

  • You have to submit your book to at least one of six main libraries – this is also included for you – but we submit to all six national libraries in the UK.

**We aim to deliver your book within 34 weeks from approval of copy**


Package 3: Ghost writing & manuscript creation £3,500 – £12,000

This package is completely bespoke and requires an individual quote as it is offered on a first come first served basis, due to demand. Prices start at £3,500 – £12,000. The examples below provide a high-level outline of costs.

  • Book Manuscript Creation from Existing Content(i.e. blog posts, articles, client’s own manuscript, etc.): £1,500 – £2,000
  • Original Content Book Creation/Ghostwriting (content derived from an interview): £3,500 – £12,000

The package includes all the elements in Package 2 as well as all or some of the following service depending on the subject area and manuscript requirement.

  • Book Editing and Proofreading
  • Regular timely updates (email/phone/skype)
  • Press release
  • 5 Print Copies
  • Optimizing Amazon Book Listing Page
  • Book Website Creation / Site hosting
  • Book Promotion & Reviews

Please note Ghostwriting is for Non-Fiction books only.


Your book any way you want it.

Paperback or hardcopy , pocket size or otherwise. Put your thoughts into text and share your thoughts with the world!
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