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What are ebooks? Ebooks are digital electronic editions of your work which can be downloaded and accessed on a number of ereading devices such as the Kindle, iPad, Sony eReader as well as computers and many mobile phones. The demand for reading books electronically is surging, Amazon now sell more ebooks than hardbacks or paperbacks! Get digital!

Types of eBooks

Some basic knowledge about eBook formats will save you a lot of headache. While a print book can technically be digitized by creating a PDF, a PDF is not the same as an eBook.There are mainly two types of eBook file formats .mobi & ePub.

.mobi file

A .mobi file is Amazon’s preferred file type. Whilst text is clear, fonts are very limited and the standard Kindle cannot display colours although the recently released Kindle Fire can. The file type can only be recognized by the Amazon Kindle eReader and the various apps.


An ePub file is used by Apple and the remainder of the industry – it has greater capabilities such as embedded fonts, graphics, audio files and video content.It’s recognized by many software eReaders, like Adobe Digital Editions and Sony Reader for PC which allow people to read eBooks on their laptops or computers.


Free flowing?

Both mobis and ePubs produce auto-flowing text. This means that the text will automatically adjust to the device instead of scaling proportionately so if you opened the same eBook on an iPad and an iPhone you would see fewer words per page on the iPhone but the text would still be the same size – clear and legible.

Why not a pdf?

LA pdf will scale down proportionately making it almost impossible to read on an iPhone or small, portable ereading devices. This is one of the reasons they cannot be purchased through eBook stores like Amazon or iBookstore.

What's the big deal with Kindle?

Amazon is the ereader market leader and their mobi files can only be read on kindle or kindle software compatible devices. Also configuring documents for kindle is much, much more complicated than ePub.

eBook Packages

The price of formatting your book for Kindle will depend on many factors. It will vary with elements such as the format you submit your document in (Word is best but you may want to submit a PDF scanned document or even a Hard Copy). The price will also vary with the number of images files that need to be formatted, the type of content, the number of tables in your content and unique content such as mathematical expressions. All prices quoted below unless stated otherwise are based on primarily black and white text, 10-30 images, 10-25,000 words maximum. If your book does not fit any of these criteria (such as children picture books), do contact us for a bespoke quote.

eBook Basic

  • £99
  • Formatting to mobi & ePub
  • Up to 25 pages
  • Up to 10 images
  • Top Notch Support

Ebook Standard

  • £149
  • Formatting to mobi & ePub
  • Up to 50 pages
  • Up to 20 images
  • Top Notch Support

eBook Ultimate

  • £350
  • Formatting to .mobi & ePub
  • Up to 100 pages
  • Up to 30 images
  • EBook Cover Designed for You
  • Your account set up on Amazon, Barnes&Nobles Nook, Lulu and Smashwords
Once the book has been converted you might realised you want to change a specific sentence or even the structure (it happens!) therefore one revision is included in all the formatting and submission prices, to be used within the first 6 months after delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: Designing the book cover is only included in eBook Ultimate Package.

Advantages of publishing your eBook with LaBelle



World Reach

Reach readers all over the world instantly. Your ebook could be made available to retailers internationally including Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Waterstones and many more.


Once an eBook file has been approved by an author, we can have it live on Amazon in 24 hours and with other retail partners (if you have purchased this option) within two weeks.

More profitable

Unlike paperback books where the paper, printing, warehousing etc. has to be paid for, once an eBook file has been made, there are no further costs.

Comprehensive Metadata

We want readers to find your books and to facilitate this we build metadata into the eBook file. Metadata tags are words that help readers to find your eBook when browsing on retailer websites such as Amazon.